PT. Agaf Global Kreasindo provides various types of Mechanical Equipment needs from various well-known brands. We always prioritize product quality and the best service to consumers, apart from quality products, we are supported by a team and staff who are experienced and professional in their fields who are ready to help you in finding solutions to your industrial needs.


Bearings are machine elements that limit relative movement to only the desired movement, and reduce friction between moving parts

Special Bearings

Special Bearings are bearings that are provided for special projects


Belts are materials for conveyor machine parts, with various types so that each type has different characteristics and functions for each industry.


Coupling is a mechanical fastener used to connect two shafts at both ends for the purpose of transmitting mechanical power. The main purpose of a coupling is to unite two parts that can rotate. With careful selection, installation and maintenance, coupling performance can work optimally.




Linear Bearing or linear slide is a type of bearing specifically designed for free movement in one direction. The use of Linear Bearings is commonly found in industrial machines such as food machines, textiles, instrument machines, automation/robot machines, water jet cutters and can also be used as camera sliders.


Pulley is a component commonly used in industrial machines which functions as a holder for the V-Belt and Timing Belt on the machine. This component is a complement to the belt used in engines, especially the V-Belt and timing belt.


The seal is a component that has the function of preventing oil from entering or leaving through gaps. The use of seals made from certain materials depends on the type of connection. There are 2 types of seals on machines, namely static seals and dynamic seals.