Thermocouples & RTDs

A thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor that is used to detect or measure temperature

A thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor that is used to detect or measure temperature through two different types of metal conductors which are combined at the ends, giving rise to a " Thermo-electric" effect.  A thermocouple consists of two metal conductor wires of different types and their ends are joined. One type of metal conductor found in a thermocouple will function as a reference with a constant (fixed) temperature while the other is a metal conductor that detects hot temperatures.

Thermocouples are available either as wire only offering low cost and fast response time or built into the probe. A wide range of probes are available, suitable for a variety of measurement applications (industrial, scientific, food temperature, medical research, etc).



Tolerance Table for Types of Thermocouples



Resistance Temperature Detector ( RTD ) is a fine wire coiled in protections tubes. The electrical resistance of a wire changes with temperature. The relationship between resistance variations and temperature is known and used to determine temperature. Common materials for RTD elements are metals such as platinum, nickel, or copper. Platinum is preferred because it is chemically inert and has a very linear resistivity-temperature relationship over a wide temperature range.


Tolerance Table for Type of RTD (as per IEC 751)


There are several types of materials used for protection tubes, the materials used depend on where the thermocouples & RTDs will be applied, what temperature range is needed, etc. The following are the materials used:



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